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What is FxPro Direct and how can I login?
Source:https://www.fxpro.com/help-section/faq/fxpro-direct/what-is-fxpro-direct-and-how-can-i-login | Author:finance-102 | Date2024-02-07 | 22 Views | Share:
FxPro Direct is your online account management page.

FxPro Direct is your online account management page.

Click on the 'Sign In' option on the top right of the website. You can log in with your registered email address 

and password.

Your FxPro Direct allows you to create new accounts, edit existing ones, fund your accounts and download 

trading platforms. You may also edit your mailing options or subscriptions.

The ‘Tools’ tab in FxPro Direct gives you access to various services we offer, including FxPro Squawk, FxPro 

Dashboard, Trading Central, Economic Calendar, and Market News. These tools can be accessed by all users, 

including those who are still practising on demo accounts.