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Doo Prime Reports Record Trading Volume in October 2023
Source:https://www.dooprimenews.com/company-news/doo-prime-october-2023-trading-volume | Author:finance-102 | Date2023-11-16 | 35 Views | Share:
Doo Prime, a pre-eminent online brokerage group with fintech as its core, recently released its October 2023 trading volume report.

Doo Prime, a pre-eminent online brokerage group with fintech as its core, recently released its October 2023 

trading volume report. 

October Trading Volume Overview 2023 

  • Total trading volume: USD 72.80 billion 

  • Most popular products: XAU/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD 

  • XAU/USD saw the highest trading volume at USD 54.37 billion 

  • US30 saw the highest increase, an increase of USD 0.63 billion or 94.59% 

According to the report, Doo Prime’s total trading volume in October 2023 is valued at USD 72.80 billion, a slight 

decrease of 7.50% from the previous month. Furthermore, October’s average daily volume (ADV) is USD 2.35 billion, 

a slight decline of 10.49% from September. 

The market continues to remain concerned in October due to the upgraded conflicts between Palestine and Israel. 

Additionally, the lower-than-expected performance of the various key economic data signifies the current market 

concern towards the future. The market’s risk aversion rose, and investors have resorted to a wait-and-see approach. 

Accordingly, Doo Prime’s October 2023 trading volume has slightly declined as compared to the previous month. 

Since the beginning of 2023, Doo Prime’s overall trading volume has been in a stable state. To date, Doo Prime’s total 

trading volume amounted to USD 783.46 billion, an increase of 42.28% as compared to the same period last year. 

According to the data recorded, XAU/USD, EUR/USD, and GBP/USD are the investor’s top picks, constituting 85.73% of 

October’s total trading volume. Among them, XAU/USD has the highest monthly trading volume, amounting to USD 54.37 

billion; meanwhile, the total monthly trading volume of EUR/USD and GBP/USD amounted to USD 8.05 billion. 

Aside from that, US30 showed the highest growth in the monthly trading volume, an increase of USD 0.63 billion, or 94.

59% as compared to September. 

As an internationally leading online brokerage group, Doo Prime continues to show a strong momentum in the trading 

volume. In the future, Doo Prime will continue to develop a global fintech system and build a comprehensive financial 

ecosystem. Doo Prime will continue to strive to lead the fintech transformation in this new era and ensure the clients 

are at the forefront of the industry.